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Welcome to the "About Me" bit.


I'm a graphic designer and drawer living and working in Sydney. As a designer, I place a lot of importance on my ability to listen and collaborate. I take an open approach to the creative process to produce work that hits the mark for my clients. 

Prior to working in design, I spent eight years in events, program management and marketing, which has been instrumental in learning how to put myself in the client's shoes and making a message pop to the right audience. 

Its incredibly important that I keep feeding my passion for design through learning and development, which means in the evenings you'll usually find me working through assessments as part of the Master in Design program at UNSW Art & Design. 

Before becoming a graphic designer I studied black and white photography and side-projects include exhibiting my experiments with analogue/plastic lens cameras once a year with Sydney lo-fi photography collective, The Ludlites.


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